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ISO Certification Services in Bangladesh And How To Get One

The ISO certificate is an official approval from a third-party body stating that a company is conducting its business according to the international standards formed and issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It’s proof that a business is running safely and ethically.

So, how are the ISO certification services in Bangladesh? ISO certification providers like HMS offers several credentials as well as give ISO training.

Want to learn more about ISO certification? Keep reading!

ISO Certification And Its Benefit

Getting a hold of an ISO certificate can have a positive impact on your business. It encourages proper implementation of business policies along with continuous improvement. An ISO certification compels you to focus on your business’s critical areas and improve its efficiency while also locating the flaws in the system.

Such effects create a strong foundation for management, allowing smooth functioning and consistent results, which translates directly into increased profits and improved client satisfaction.

Some benefits of obtaining an ISO credential-

  1. Enhances Employee Performance
  2. Improves Company Efficiency
  3. Detects Wastage of Company Resources
  4. Better Customer Experience
  5. Boosts Sales And Profits

ISO Certification Services Offered in Bangladesh

The most accepted and beneficial ISO certifications are detailed below :

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is one of the five Quality Management System (QMS) standards. It deals with the organization’s requirements for meeting the standards. Besides being the most widely accepted quality management system standard, ISO 9001 can be used as a guide for making unique management policies for your business.

The ISO 9001 certification boosts company performance and conveys its commitment and consistent services to the customers.

With an ISO 9001 certificate, a company can-

  1. Operate and function effectively
  2. Ensure implementation of all policies and rules.
  3. Discover potential customers
  4. Identify and manage crises

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standard. In order to get recognized and accepted globally, enterprises must comply with ISO 14001.

Whether it’s manufacturing, service, transport, or trade, ISO 14001 provides an advantage to all sectors. With an ISO 14001 certificate, the business appears more environment friendly which satisfies customers and clients.

Its merits include the following-

  1. Ensures environmentally friendly processes
  2. Positive impression to clients and customers
  3. Improved client relations
  4. Checks expenses and saves resources
  5. Decreases hazardous aspects

ISO 45001 Certification

ISO 45001, an indispensable credential in today’s market, is a part of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). It denotes whether an organization follows all the health and safety protocols.

The benefits of an ISO 45001 include-

  1. Decreases injury and accidents
  2. Provides an evidence-based approach to risk management
  3. Strengthens customers’ and clients’ faith in the company
  4. Boosts staff morale and gives employee satisfaction
  5. Reduces health insurance expenses

ISO 13485 Certification

ISO 13485 is a comprehensive Quality Management Standard associated with the designing and manufacturing of medical devices. Although it’s a stand-alone document, it’s most commonly coordinated with ISO 9001.

Its benefits comprise of:

  1. Improves company credibility when it comes to health services
  2. Continuous improvement and quality control
  3. Enhances customer satisfaction

ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 covers food safety and is under the Food Safety Management System (FSMS). It ensures monitoring during food production and supply, along with confirming the safety and hygiene of the final product.

The advantages of obtaining ISO 22000 include the following-

  1. Confirms company’s food safety policies are implemented
  2. Provides flexibility for trading across food chain supplies
  3. Prevents and minimizes food hazards
  4. Saves time wasted during food security breaches
  5. Makes company eligible for global recognition and acknowledgment

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is a part of Information Security Management System (ISMS) Services. It states the rules and policies regarding the protection of information in businesses and organizations. ISO 27001 ensures complete privacy, enhances confidentiality, and facilitates the availability and integrity of information within the organization.

Merits of getting an ISO 27001 certification-

  1. Secure exchange of information and secured communication
  2. Minimizes information leaks
  3. Instills a sense of security and trust in the customers
  4. Safeguards the staff, employees, shareholders, clients, and the business altogether.

The Procedure Of ISO Certification In Bangladesh

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) generally has members in each country. However, ISO Bangladesh does not issue membership to individuals or commercial organizations.

So, ISO Bangladesh employees an association with only regulatory bodies. i.e., the Certification Association. Its objective is to bring unity among the ISO groups in Bangladesh so that everyone can ensure proper compliance. ISO Certificate Bodies are associated with BSTI as a monitoring body.

After that, an application is created with all the necessary information and documents. The papers are reviewed by an ISO auditor who will also look out for gaps or inconsistencies.

Following the document checking, auditors will verify the changes made in the company according to ISO requirements. Finally, the auditors will make the final audit for certification.

After approval, the auditors will make a report and send it to the registrar. After evaluation by the register, the organization will be granted ISO Certification.

Apply for ISO Certification in Bangladesh

Before applying for an ISO certificate, one must choose the most suitable credential required for their business.

After selecting the appropriate certification, business owners need to find the suitable ISO Bangladesh Certification Body. The ISO Certificate Body must be a part of the International Accreditation Forum Member(IAF) in order to get the authentic certificate.

In Bangladesh, the documents required to get an ISO certification are-

  • Applicable legal licenses, including Factory license, Trade license, Environment clearance Health Insurance
  • Registration deed and NOC
  • BSTI approved product clearance for food or other items
  • SOP documents
  • The mission statement of the organization
  • Internal Audit reports, Management reviews, and other ISO standards-related procedures

ISO Certification Training in Bangladesh

Services like HMS provides ISO Certification training in Bangladesh. It also provides consultancies on designing, implementing, and maintaining ISO standards. They’ll also assist you in planning and supervising audits.

Cost-effective ISO certification in Bangladesh

The cost of ISO certification depends on the certificate type, its validity, and the organization for which it’s being issued. Typically, ISO certificates cost 100K to 350K BDT per annum. HMS provides ISO certification at a reasonable expense.

How to check the certificates issued by HMS in Bangladesh

You can check the authenticity of the ISO certificate issued by HMS by running it through the “Certificate Verification” option on their website. Type in the certificate number and check it.

Why choose HMS Certifications for Applying for ISO Certification

HMS provides customer-focused service and prioritizes long-term relationships. It offers authentic services which are recognized globally as well as being cost-effective. The proactiveness, prompt responses, and commitment to quality make HMS one of the best ISO services in the country.


As you can see, an ISO certificate is vital to any organization’s growth and revenue. For any queries on ISO certification services, get in touch with HMS today.