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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Why organizations should go for HACCP:

  • To ensure the whole processes and the systems associated with food business to produce safe food
  • To control the system that identifies where hazards might occur in the food production process
  • To reduce the risks of recalls and product withdrawals thus reducing costs associated with insurance and business liability protection
  • To increase focus and ownership of food safety
  • To prioritize and control potential hazards in food production by controlling major food risks, such as microbiological, chemical and physical contaminants
  • Establish a maximum or minimum limit for temperature, time, pH, salt level, chlorine level or other processing characteristic that will control the hazards
  • To establish critical limits for preventive measures associated with each critical control points.
  • To ensure the monitoring of the processes at the critical control point and ensuring records to show that the desired critical limits have been met
  • To ensure the effectiveness of preventing the hazards identified
  • Increase customer and consumer confidence