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ISO 14064, GHG Accounting

There’s an increase in the number of organizations wanting to track and disclose their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions voluntarily in order to reduce their environmental impact. Organizations wishing to measure and minimize their greenhouse gas emissions might benefit from ISO 14064, which offers a framework for GHG accounting and verification.

Benefits of ISO 14064

The common benefits of using ISO 14064 standards are given below:

  1. Integrity display

Using ISO 14064-1 and ISO 14064-2, you can make sure that all of your GHG inventory, assertions, and reports meet the ISO 14064 standard and are free of mistakes, omissions, and misstatements.

  1. Achieve performance objectives

A project’s baseline, design plan, and supporting assumptions are validated against ISO 14064-2 to guarantee that the expected reductions in GHG emissions are realized.

  1. Verify your accomplishments

For your carbon footprint disclosures, ISO 14064-1 verification is essential. GHG projects that have been validated to ISO 14064-2 may be confident in their ability to reduce emissions if executed according to plan.

People who work for you can be sure that your GHG projects have been checked by someone else. They can also be sure of how many emissions were cut in a certain time period.

Why Work with Us?

ISO 14064 GHG Validation and Verification in a variety of sectors and projects throughout the globe is led by the Hermitage of Management & Standards (HMS). Because of this, we are in a unique position to provide our knowledge and skills to customers in order to provide a trustworthy third party to verify their claims.

This includes both voluntary mechanisms like ISO 14064 and Japan’s Voluntary Emissions Trading Scheme and regulated systems like the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation. HMS has extensive expertise with both.


The ISO 14064 standard gives businesses and governments the tools they need to create GHG emission reduction initiatives. Additionally, it will aid your company in complying with emissions trading programs.

Using this international standard shows that you’re serious about working in a more environmentally friendly manner. Your judgments and reports are independent if they have been verified by specialists.

There’re three components to the ISO 14064 standard.

  • In this first section, the prerequisites for creating GHG inventories at the organizational or entity level are laid forth.
  • Documentation and reporting requirements for GHG initiatives are covered in the second section of this document.
  • In the third section, GHG information verification and validation procedures are laid forth.

If your company follows ISO 14064, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Ensure that GHG quantification, monitoring, reporting, and reduction are consistent, transparent, and credible.
  • GHG-related obligations, assets, and risks must be analyzed and managed.
  • Trade-in GHG permits or credits should be made easier.
  • Develop and execute GHG strategies or methods that are similar and consistent.
  • Ensure that your company’s GHG emissions are accurately quantified, managed, and reported.
  • Gain the confidence of key stakeholders.
  • Develop and execute GHG control strategies and plans for the future of organizations
  • The capacity to monitor emissions reductions and removals of GHGs and their progress should be made available.

ISO 14064 – Auditor Training – Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Verification

In order to grasp the ISO 14064 standard, quantify and report the GHG inventory, plan, execute and submit verification in accordance with the standard, you need to attend the training course described above.

You may then keep track of your progress, as well as any improvements or steps are taken to keep the problem under control.

Training covers:

  • GHGs as a concept and their history
  • Measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Methodology, process creation, execution, and reporting are all components of verification.
  • A brief overview of GHG projects (ISO 14064-2) and the associated methodology (ISO 14064-3)

GHG principles, quantification, and verification are all part of the two-day ISO 14064 Internal Auditor Training. Both courses include lectures, hands-on workshops, and group discussions.

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